Ylvis, “What Does The Fox Say?”

This summer my dad and I were in the car and leaving his work when all of a sudden we saw a fox running across the parking lot. We got so excited that we forgot about all that we were doing and ended up driving down the road and around the parking lot trying to chase this fox. We ended up catching it on video while simultaneously trying to sing “What does the fox say?”, and that moment was intensely rich and awesome.

I now think about that moment and realize how much my previous association with the song affected that moment in time, and how that song made us really excited about seeing a fox. I have seen raccoons and opossums at Millsaps College, but none of them brought that joy to me or excitement like a fox did, and I think the song affected my experience greatly indeed.

This just led me to think about what life would be like if people didn’t take the chance to go outside of the status quo and do something out of the ordinary. I never would have shared that moment with my dad.

Looking back on the song “What Does the Fox Say?”, the lesson learned is that we sometimes need to ask a new question and challenge society by doing something out of the ordinary in order to maybe create a new ordinary.

–Ryan Pacillo