The Antlers, “Putting The Dog To Sleep”

antlers putting the dog to sleep

The Antlers, “Putting The Dog To Sleep”

The final song on The Antlers’ album Burst Apart rings out like no other. Its illusive guitar sets the mood with a short riff, followed by a strong opening line:

Prove to me I’m not gonna die alone

The starting line in itself forces an audience to feel alone, even if they aren’t. It forces them to feel the insecurity of life with eight simple words.

The Antlers later allow a voice of reason to make an appearance:

You can’t keep running out
Kicking yourself off the bed
Kicking yourself in the head
‘Cause you’re kicking me too

The final line from that stanza reveals the afflictions that the new speaker feels because of the initial voice of the song.

— Bekah Ervin