Misfits, “Saturday Night”

“There’s 52 ways to murder anyone, one and two are the same and they both work as well,” Michale Graves croons theatrically. This song has always lurked around my life, playing as I walked home from high school or work and appearing periodically on playlists to submerge just as quickly. I once saw a Misfits show that lasted three hours. There are no memories attached to “Saturday Night” for me. However, the theatrical, brave, defiant and broken way Graves sings ” I was thinking about you, there was something I forgot to say, crying on a Saturday night” in a dark doo-wop comforts and chills me to the core like no other. He’s not okay. He’s big and he’s tough and in one of the best hardcore punk bands to come out of the ’80’s and he’s not okay. There is such a power in violent vulnerability.

–Alex Melnick