Lily and Madeleine, “Sounds Like Somewhere”

Lily and Madeleine,
“Sounds Like Somewhere”

I love the use of harmony in the song “Sounds Like Somewhere” by Lily and Madeleine. The duality of bitter and sweet emotions is expressed beautifully with this harmony. Listen to the brighter, soprano voice as she sings

Someday I’ll find the right words, and I’ll bloom where I was planted long ago

–her tone is hopeful and joyfully anticipating the day she has the words that she’s been searching for. The use of the other alto voice serves as a sorrowful undertone to the joyful voice. Listen to the darker voice that says

Until then, I’ll be waiting, hoping, to one day let go

There is agony in long waits for words that you don’t have yet. Words help people let go of things, but when there are no words, there is a painful hollowness that restlessly searches for release. The song would not be real enough, not be human enough, without this dichotomy of hope and despair that defines the song, and I think it is incredible how the harmony enabled this dichotomy to happen.

–Anna Grace Teal