Love in THE LAST

Who What When Where Why

It was during my search in the internet that I discovered this video on Youtube called The Last by Wong Fu productions. When I first saw the picture, which was of a couple, I thought it would be another cheesy love video, but I gave it a chance anyway. At this time of my life I wasn’t really into the whole love thing, and didn’t really care about the purpose of it. I basically declared myself single without ever giving it a chance. I’ve seen heartbreaks, drama, and just the general messiness of love and didn’t want any part of it. The video starts off with the guy saying three simple words I knew would pop up: “I love you.” The girl then asks him, “How many did you love before me?” He says five. When I heard those words I thought, “There goes the relationship. Goodbye.” Then the video takes a turn. When she asks him for their names the guy says, “Who, What, When, Where, and Why.” By that point I was a click away from changing it, but I became curious about what he meant. The video goes on to show the guy’s past meaningful loves. They consisted of different people, not all made up of people he just dated for a time. They were people he dated, were friends with, or just knew and they all inspired him to learn what love really was and why it was so important. With these five he is able to realize who the sixth, the last, he was supposed to love. After watching that video something dawned on me that I didn’t realize before. All the aspects of love good and bad are part of living and growing up to who I was meant to be. By not loving I wasn’t being my true self and wasting my life just being. I was meant to be a human being capable of receiving and giving love. After this I can’t say I found a boyfriend right off the bat, but my outlook on love has grown to something stronger than what it was. One day maybe I’ll find my sixth, the last, and share this lesson about love.

—Gabriella Rincon