The Sky in Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

I have looked up at the night sky thousands of times in my life, and yet none of those “skies” can be compared to the one that you behold. Oh, Starry Night, I just love how your overwhelming night sky takes up most of the background in your painting. The blue and grey shades of your sky create an unsettled look, with swirling clouds that are flowing across in a wavy, spiral-like motion. Whenever I look at your sky, it always seems to be bursting with life, with its thick, heavy, and fluid brush strokes. The lines in your sky always give me a sense of depth and mystery. Is there a mystery? The hues of blue that cover your sky–sapphire blue, navy blue, cobalt blue, violet blue, royal blue, and aqua blue–are sprinkled here and there with whitish-yellow twinkling stars. They aren’t just twinkling; they are dancing. The stars in your painting are magically dancing. In the corner, a luminous moon gleams down at me. Whenever I look at your sky, Starry Night, I feel as though I am in your painting. I want to be in your painting, and I want to imagine my house as being one of the houses in your painting, so that I can look up at your sky each night, before I go to sleep, and embrace the liveliness.

–Aish Loganathan