Michelangelo, DAVID


The story of David and Goliath resonates throughout history: a story of triumph through faith. During the Italian Renaissance, David was seen as an embodiment of Florence. Unlike the Davids of other sculptors, Michelangelo strips away all symbolism referencing the story to focus more on the depiction of Florence. Upon seeing “David,” I was struck by how Michelangelo focuses on the pose and expression instead of objects to make the allusion. The gaze is the most prominent feature where we see David staring, utterly fixed on the issue at hand. His contrapposto pose with his hand resting below his chin gives a sense of his contemplation and judgment before he fights with Goliath. David becomes the patient, unwavering, clever Florence during its wars with Milan, which was the giant superpower of the time, and defeats the oppressing powers. To me, “David” is a symbol of strength and triumph in which we can learn that even in the darkest of hours we can overcome our adversities.

–Madison Brennan